What I’m up to now

Writing: The bulk of my writing, which is more intermittent than in the past, is currently devoted to introspection. More articles and such will be forthcoming, but date is TBD.

Movement: Re-acquainting myself with my first love: martial arts. Training regularly in the basics from a mixture of systems. My general parkour and outdoor movement practice continues as usual, and is now back to being more regular. Along with that is mobility work, shoring up weaknesses and working towards full freedom of movement. When I’m not doing those I’ll do brief stints of climbing around on trees, walking barefoot, or practicing parkour when the opportunity arises. In addition I’m learning stunt and stage combat specific skills, with SAFD Rapier & Dagger and unarmed being the current focus.

Performance: No active performances or prep for performance. Learning choreography for stage combat tests that are coming up otherwise.

Teaching: My older tutorials are always available over at Play Everywhere. Not currently offering regular teaching due to work schedule.

Reading: Some pictured here. A big focus of my research right now surrounds emotions and the body and how to unlock access to them, both more fully and consistently. Plus research into bodywork, mobility, stretching, storytelling, and performance.

Other Learning: Taking courses on trailer editing and creative editing, learning DaVinci Resolve and Fusion.

Other Work: Just about wrapped up a long contract on a surfing documentary that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Now that I’m back I’m returning to the mix of production and performance work that had been the norm last year.

Page Last Updated: April 25th, 2018