Structure Yields Freedom

"Structure yields freedom to creatively roam." -Todd Henry From Todd Henry’s book, Die Empty

I love this quote, and the idea for this poster was from some inspired scribbling in a notebook while taking a breka for lunch. The final design took me much longer to realize, as I had the intent to do all the lettering by hand. I think for the next experiment I’ll have to try hand-drawing everything and just inking the design digitally.

Structure SketchFreedom to SketchCreatively sketch

And on. I did learn some tricks in Illustrator to pull that off, and the sketches looked alright using that method, but not quite what I had intended. I kept structure hand-lettered but the final project used a new typeface I found, Myriad Std Tilt, for the rest of the text. During the process I experimented a bit with some script faces and using paths to make the letters wander around, but it just wasn't having the effect I wanted. And thus this crazy design happened.

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